Life has been busy the last two weeks. I’ve been working hard here in Long Island alongside these brave men and women. I’ve explored the local park and discovered downtown Westbury. I finally found an apartment with a full kitchen and a washer and dryer in Queens, a luxury in the city. I also happened to close another decade of my life as I said goodbye to my twenties and joined the 30 and older crowd.

Enjoying the sun in Eisenhower Park

I can once again say I am incredibly blessed with an amazing partner in life. After driving 12 hours with me to New York and then 12 hours back home, my sweet hubby boarded a flight and surprised me by showing up at my hotel for my birthday. He did not want me to spend my 30th birthday in total isolation. I hope in this time of social distancing each of you has someone you can rely on to be by your side, even if it’s simply through phone calls or video chats. Despite all of its hindrances, social distancing has in a way brought many of us closer.

It has been interesting to see how physical isolation has become a lens for us to examine our relationships. During this time I’ve developed a deeper appreciation for the company of my friends and family. I look forward to returning to the warm glow of friends enjoying a meal and conversation at the table, the sound of collective laughter, and stories shared. I miss those quiet moments sitting on the sofa with friends, easing each other’s burdens, serving as each other’s comforting presence. Social distancing has brought a new framework for remaining close; more phone calls, text messages, and video calls. Simultaneously, our relationships have become much more distant and much more dear.

I know we are all waiting, watching, hoping for this pandemic to end. I hope we can all continue reaching out to one another with as much intention and endearment after this storm passes as we have during the rain. I hope we hug each other a little tighter, linger at the table a little longer, and savor the quiet moments together a little more often. I hope each of you stays safe out there. Reach out to those you love. Until next time, much love and peace to you.

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