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What is Nursing Now?

So much is changing in the field of nursing with the pandemic as a major driving force. How are hospitals going to keep up?

On the Road Again

It certainly has been a while, and whew, what a while it has been. Who knew that in 2022 we would still be talking about COVID, vaccines, and the pandemic? After my last post I found out that hubby and I were expecting and had to take a step back from writing. It was aContinue reading “On the Road Again”

Sweet Home Carolina

Rolling hills, broad blue skies, green trees and grasses, friendly faces, comfortable routines, South Carolina has definitely a breath of fresh air after responding to the crisis in New York. Everything moves a little slower, it’s a little hotter, and sweet iced tea is the beverage of choice to cool off on a muggy summerContinue reading “Sweet Home Carolina”


Life has been busy the last two weeks. I’ve been working hard here in Long Island alongside these brave men and women. I’ve explored the local park and discovered downtown Westbury. I finally found an apartment with a full kitchen and a washer and dryer in Queens, a luxury in the city. I also happenedContinue reading “Connecting”


There are many facets to nursing: patient advocacy, medication administration, coordination of care, interdisciplinary cooperation, patient and family education, and so much more. At the core, nursing is about caring for another human being at their most vulnerable. We nurses have the unique experience of entering another world as we enter the hospital doors, ourContinue reading “Compassion”

First Week

Your first week as a travel nurse looks a little different than your first week at a new staff position. Every new assignment is different, from small details such as your badge to different charting systems that determine the workflow of your shift. After driving 12 hours, checking into my hotel, and grabbing last minuteContinue reading “First Week”


I sat in the break room in the early hours of the morning listening to the sound of the television behind me, my coworker came and set her food down on the table across from me. She pulled out the chair and removed her mask so she could eat, and I wondered, “Will I recognizeContinue reading “Unmasked”


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